View Full Version : dehydrator liners

01-23-2011, 19:05
Does anyone know if you can use wax paper as a dehydrator liner?

Or are there any other alternatives to substitute as a dehydrator liner?

Pioneer Spirit
01-23-2011, 19:26
I used freezer paper cut to fit. Wax paper, as long as the heat doesn't affect the wax. Although wax paper was the plastic wrap of the day and was used for generations without effect.

Rocket Jones
01-23-2011, 19:28
I use parchment paper. Made to handle oven heat and easily found near the wax paper and foil.

01-23-2011, 19:39
Parchment paper can even be re-used a couple times if you don't put very greasy or wet things on.

01-24-2011, 13:00
Parchment paper.

Wax paper can melt off leaving a not so nice texture.

Navy Salad
01-27-2011, 16:53
I tried wax paper once and found that it more or less dissolved, with the remnants sticking to the dried food and nearly impossible to get off. Especially bad with sticky stuff like fruit leather.

Creek Dancer
01-27-2011, 17:23
Parchment paper. Just tear off a piece the width of the tray, and fold in half to cut a hole for the middle. Unfortunately, it's not always available in grocery stores around here, but I did find some at Bed Bath and Beyond among the speciality baking supplies.

01-27-2011, 17:43
I've also used plastic wrap and just tear a hole in the middle to fit. Works great!

Navy Salad
02-02-2011, 16:59
I once tried using wax paper for drying -- not sure, it was either spagetti leather or fruit leather (it was a long time ago). HUGE mistake -- the wax paper got soggy and stuck with a vengence. Being too cheap to throw it away and start over, I picked at the wax paper for what seemed like hours before I could get it all off.

For something really sticky like leathers or liquidy like soups, my first choice is the solid trays that come with some dehydrators. They have a little lip along the edges that helps keep stuff from spilling and it's easy to peel stuff away from them. Second choice is plastic wrap, because it doesn't seem to tear as easily as parchment paper and thus comes off more easily. Third choice is parchment paper. All are fine. Regardless of which you choose, be sure to spray a little cooking oil to help them come off more easily.

If you're not doing something sticky/liquidy and just want to keep your trays clean, then my first choice is parchment paper.

02-02-2011, 22:28
If one trims the parchment paper to fit it works much better. Also buy a brand name (such as Reynolds) over dollar brands. Anyhow, if you trim it before putting it on it doesn't rip (I cut the center out with say 8 dashes of the scissors and then it fits right over the center column).

Farr Away
02-03-2011, 11:54
If you're just looking to keep small items, like corn, from falling through your trays, try plastic craft canvas cut to fit.