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01-24-2011, 12:23
Has Baltimore Jack indicated if he is updating his well written Resupply Article this year? I think he last modified it in 2007.

Jack Tarlin
01-24-2011, 17:12
The answer is probably no, because to do it properly, I'd need to actually traverse several sections of the Trail I haven't hiked much since then, especially in the mid-Atlantic states.

So if anyone that's hiked recently wants to tackle these sections (i.e Harpers Ferry to Kent CT) and tell us about Re-Supply options, have at it.

As for other sections of the Trail, a great deal of that Article is still accurate, with some obvious errors/omissions (i.e. Miss Janet being closed for the time being, etc.)

Where the Article is still useful, and perhaps where it's MOST useful is where it gives approximate times/distances necessary to cover specific stretches of the Trail, so people will still have a pretty good idea of how much food to pack out of Hot Springs, etc.

But as always (and I think it even says this in the preface to the article), I've always welcomed other folks to add to it or if need be, to correct it, so please, especially those of you who hiked this past year, if there's something you want to add to it (and of course, if there's stuff that's no longer accurate), please have at it. Obviously, website editors/administrators have my permission to make these additions/corrections, etc. as they receive them; I always welcomed feedback on this project, and it's especially important now that there are sections of the Trail I haven't done for awhile, and all sorts of stores/facilities/businesses etc. that have appeared since 2007.

So please send along comments,ideas, suggestions, and perhaps in a few wekks this thread can be added to the Article as a "2011 Appendix" or something like that.