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01-27-2011, 13:01
We was hiking/backpacking in Al..Once we got to camp set up the tent/pads/sleeping bags.After cooking a good meal,hung my Ursack(PCT Method)and sitting around the camp fire.I was thinking what do i need to leave at home for as gear goes(planning my thru-hike 2011/2012).Once we got in the tent i was still thinking.There isnt any gear left in my pack and all my gear is being used,just a chg of clothing/down jacket,which i use as a pillow(works well).My pack weight is 28lbs with out water.I use this same setup maybe alittle more in the winter,but not much more.So what do you think?Am i good to go?the temps go down to 17deg and i was good.HS

note:working on my pack list now..

01-27-2011, 13:05
Sounds like you are optimal! Your gear set up works great for you. If you carry the load no problem, and use everything each day, you have what you need and no more!

There may be things that, over time, you learn to do without. But for staring the trail, you're in great shape by the sounds of it.

PS - I noted at Blackburn Trail Center last weekend that I was 26 lbs without water, and quite happy! (There's a scale on the porch of the main building)

01-27-2011, 15:35
28 lbs is pretty good. you could go lower by swapping out some stuff. But if you like everything you're using, then you're golden. happy Hiking.

01-27-2011, 16:16
Start with what you have, and if you want to change things out later based on what you see other people using, that works too.

Are you trying to reduce weight now? I couldn't quite tell from your post. If you're using everything, you have two choices--do without something or get a lighter version. Some thru hikers don't carry extra clothes, for instance. If your pack weighs 6 pounds, there are some nice three pound packs available for under $200. Similar reductions can be made for the tent, sleeping bag, and pad. Maybe for cooking equipment, too. You can do all that as you hike.

01-27-2011, 20:44
For as the weight goes,Im looking into a lighter tent and a lighter tarp.I really like my Hammock(CJH),but,I like my tent in the winter months, just to much wind in the winter months to use my hammock.I seen a tarp with doors on HF.I have a Osprey Exos58(L)2lbs,10oz,therm-a-rest pad,Eureka mnt.pass XT...HS

01-27-2011, 21:26
Land shark on the move. I run (yes I do mean run) with 28 lbs w/ out water. Try to play the water game helps keep the weight down. Why so fast u ask (20 a day is normal) is because I am a camper and not much of hiker. Coffee and blueberry around a campfire is far less painfull and most of the time the company is even better. Most times its the improv on sat night.