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01-30-2011, 15:39
I have a Harmony Foods Backpacking Kit and now I need to know what I can make with it. I have never worked with dehydrated foods before so I don't really know what specifically can be done. Looking for just add water recipes?

-Any recipes for One serving size meals?
-Any other ingredients to work with? Cous Cous? Meats?
-How much water to add?

Thanks for helping the naive.
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I made one of the recipes it comes with-

Sundown Stew-
1/4 cup Northern Bean
1 tsp Onions
1 tsp Carrots
1 tsp Diced Potatoes
1 Cup Water
Added myself
1 tsp peppers
1 tsp tomatoes

I boiled the cup of water and added it to ziplock with the ingredients for 15 min.

More water than food. Seemed like I added too much water.

What's wrong?

Northern Lights
01-30-2011, 16:00
The recipe says to simmer for 10 minutes that may be the difference. I have the same kit and I'll give it a try, see if I have the same problem.

In reality sometimes it's just trial and error, reducing the amount of water until you find the right mix.

01-30-2011, 16:17
I am sure you will get lots of feedback with recipes. But to speak to the problem of too much water, here is how I use HH dry foods. I use them at home as well as hiking. First, some things rehydrate more quickly than others. Beans, carrots, and celery may take a bit longer or even need some simmering--experience will tell you how long. You can also eat nearly all HH food dry, not that I would do that all the time, but I do taste the dry foods to see if they are still fresh. I like the freeze dried corn, peas, and beans dry. I think there might be a use for these in a gorp-like mix.

OK, methods: boil the water you will use, usually about 1 cup/person. Add the longest rehydrating items to the pot, stir, lid, and set aside in a cozy for a minute or two... Return the pot to the stove and add all remaining dry food. Bring to a boil and stir. Then add some starch, like ramen, rice, potato buds, to take up the water to the consistency you like. Return the pot to the cozy for ten (or up to twenty min) minutes.

Using this method it is hard to design a one bag mix. You can make up bags of long rehydrating time foods and bags of short time rehydrating foods and then mix and match as your taste desires. Or you can carry each little bag seperately but it takes time and energy when you have the least to spare. I carry a small spice kit that also includes oil, sugar, bouilion, soy, and few little packets of stuff from fast food places.

This method is very easy on fuel and can free up your stove to heat water for tea while your meal cooks in its cozy if you carry two pots.

Northern Lights
01-30-2011, 16:23
My stew is done, and the water was perfect.

As for recipes there are tonnes of websites mentioned on here that have some excellent recipes.

I picked up the AT Food Planner and it has some great recipes as well, lip smackin backpackin, a fork in the trail,one pan wonders all have good recipes too.

You just have to experiment and see what you like.