View Full Version : Camping near weverton cliffs, md

Camping Dave
01-30-2011, 23:08
Coupla questions. Is camping allowed, are campfires allowed, and are there decent spots near Weverton Cliffs?

01-30-2011, 23:25
Camping is allowed only at designated campsites and shelter sites on the A.T. in Maryland. The first site north from Harpers Ferry is at the Ed Garvey Shelter, about 7 miles north (3 miles north of Weverton Rd.) Campfires are allowed only at designated sites.

The fact that you asked in advance probably means you care about Leave No Trace, but for others who may be unfamiliar with the details of Leave No Trace, one of the seven principles is "minimize campfire impacts"--more at www.appalachiantrail.org/lnt and www.lnt.org.

Laurie P.

01-30-2011, 23:46
Weverton Cliffs are in South Mountain Recreation Area. Camping is restricted to designated shelters and the Dahlgren campground. Closest shelter is Garvey about 2 miles North. Note the water source at Garvey is 4/10ths mile downhill and 4/10ths mile back up.