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02-01-2011, 15:00
Anybody seen or heard of this hike? Its a charity hike for a Cure for Childrens Cancer, 27.5m on the AT from Iron Mt Gap to US19 (Roan Mt, NC) in one day. I signed up for info session tonite at REI, but I'm surprised I couldn't find anything on a search of WB.

I know we got folks here that do that sort of mileage, but I can't imagine they get a lot of everyday folks to commit to something like that. There is a 12m option, but that option is very "minimized" on the site. Anyway, guess I'll have more info after tonite, just wondering if anybody else had more specifics. Like, did they do something like this last year, and how did it go?

02-01-2011, 15:08
FYI - as far as I can tell, its only being organized in Atlanta.

02-01-2011, 15:11
There are some dang big climbs in that one stretch, Little Rock Knob, Roan Mtn, Lil' Hump Mtn, then Hump Mtn. Ya better check the elevation profile on a map before signing up.

I did this stretch sectioning over 3 days (with 3 extra miles from Cherry Gap Shelter).

02-01-2011, 15:46
Basically, Greasy Creek Friendly to Mt Harbor over a month after (or 5 months before) thru hiker season.

02-02-2011, 13:36
One day, 27.5m supported hike... hit trail at 4:30am, typically off the trail before dusk. Participants are asked to raise a sum of money, but not dependent on how many actual miles you hike... so, its kind of like providing each participant a wonderfully challenging supported day hike (hotel accommodations included before and after) on one of the more beautiful stretches of the trail (a stretch I've not been on yet, too) in return for that participant's efforts to raise money for the cause.

I'm curious how folks feel about this arrangement? I almost feel it would be better if folks were pledging an amount per mile hiked, but I think the idea of securing donations through the website, and not accepting pledges, is probably more practical for the charity. Each donor would not only be supporting a worthy cause, but they also would be supporting my recreational endeavor - albeit an organized one with a specific purpose, unlike a thru hike where you have a charity sponsor.

And if I chose to participate and commit to the fundraising, would it be improper to ask for donations on WB?