View Full Version : Cinnamon Struesel Cake over white gas

Camping Dave
02-03-2011, 00:13
This comment in another thread got me thinking about my recent hiking experiences: "Liquid fueled stoves are extremely heavy and unnecessary."

I hiked with my son and a friend of his last two weeks ago. Woke up Saturday, it was 14 degrees, and we baked cinnamon struesel cake over my white gas stove with 2 pots in a double boiler setup. Mmmm. That night for dinner we had split pea soup made from scratch on the trail, not made at home and dehydrated, with huge gobs of country ham, onion, and carrots. Double mmmm.

The weekend before that I backpacked with the boy scouts. On Saturday morning that "extremely unnecessary" white gas stove kept the hot water flowing for about an hour. Endless coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider, and miso soup. Nice.

It's so nice to not be a shivering, instant oatmeal slurping, gram stove weenie!

02-03-2011, 12:51
At 14* I have used canister stoves in the same manner. Not a huge issue though I either sleep with my fuel or insulate it in my boots (using a cozy).

As for the soup....you could have used precooked split peas and not used as much fuel with similar results.

02-03-2011, 13:18

When it is cold and I'm feeding for a group, I would rather be 'cookin' with gas'.

But in warm temps when it's just me, I love to sit back and enjoy the silence while my alcohol stove boils my water.