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01-01-2005, 14:48
i was wondering if any one can tell me about the oware pad it is 1/4 inch thick
40 inch wide and 60 inches long and wiegh 7 oz,if i get one,i will use it between my hennsey hammock and my jacks are undersheild:sun neo

01-01-2005, 18:28
I use the Oware 1/4" pad, although I cut it to taper at the top and bottom and shortened it by about 10 inches, shaving the weight to 5 oz. It rolls into a cylinder about 4" in diameter, which I lash vertically to the back of my Granite Gear Nimbus Ozone pack.

I've used the pad in my HH down to about 50F. Two gripes: (1) The pad can crimp on you as you move around in the night, leaving you sleeping on a fold sometimes. (2) You'll get some light condensation between the pad and the hammock by the end of the night. I believe that another WhiteBlaze member has addressed the first gripe by cutting "darts" or "tucks" out of the pad to allow it to wrap around you a little better and reduce the tendency to fold.

01-07-2005, 07:07
i ordered an oware pad will try it out when i get it,i am going use it between my hennesey hammock and a poncho liner under quilt made by peter pan,on top of me i will us a speer top quilt with a jacks are better top weather shield,interesting combo huh:sun neo