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02-04-2011, 00:41
Anybody with access to NCT maps, I am trying to follow a hike through an online diary. This is in the section in Central NY where the NCT is co-located with the Finger Lakes Trail. I don't have maps of the FLT, but I have an overall diagrammatic map so I can see the map system and where the map sections are. Also, somebody (javajoe6) has been good enough to post pictures of many points on the FLT along with their map section and mileage, e.g. "M19 - Mile 5.8, Register Near Daisy Hollow Road."

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if somebody can confirm if the following mileages make sense for somebody who has gotten back on the NCT/FLT at the Route 41 crossing east of Cortland (looks to be M20 -- Mile 20.5).

Here are the mileages the person gives and some of the geographic locations they've given for these mileages and I'm wondering if these make sense or if the mileage is greater than actually exists between these point. The "Days" are the Day numbers per the individual's journal.

Day 30. The first day is going southbound onto NCT/FLT, starting at NY41 road crossing, M20, 20.5. Mileage hiked 7 (mileage not given into decimal points). Presumably this would bring the hiker to M20, 13.5

Day 31. Miles hiked 13. Presumably puts the hiker at M20 0.5. This looks to be right by the NY392 road crossing, very near M19 16.3.

Day 32. Miles hiked 8. This would bring the hiker to M19 8.3, about two miles south of the Foxfire lean-to. However, the hiker describes camping "at the top of Greek Peak." Greek Peak should have been passed shortly after the beginning of this stretch, not at the end.

Day 33. Miles hiked not given. Hiker says at some point in the morning he "Finished climbing over greek peak. Turns out I was a mile or so from the ski lift." Per day 32, this doesn't match the mileages he has given out. The hiker then describes hiking through the mid morning and then on into the afternoon. The hiker then says he hikes on to the "firefox" (probably means Foxfire) lean-to. Based on previous days mileage and the written description, the hiker sounds to have put on at least five more miles, probably a bit more.

So if anybody has access to the detailed FLT mileage information, could you please tell if starting the hikers Day 30 at the NY41 FLT crossing, then doing 7 miles, then Day 31 is 13, then Day 32 is 8, then Day 33 is an indeterminate number probably 5 - 8. Would the hiker just be at Firefox lean-to having done that many miles since the NY41 crossing?

02-06-2011, 21:24
Just to make it simple, if a westbound FLT/NCT (FLT and NCT co-located from FLT M1 to M20) hiker gets on the FLT at the NY Route 41 highway crossing east of Cortland, NY and hikes to the Firefox lean-to, how far have they hiked (assuming they are counting their mileage by the blazed FLT)?

The coordinates in the FLT system are Section M20, Mile 20.5 for the NY41 crossing and Section 19, Mile 10.5 for the Firefox lean-to. I have these points from somebody who posted them in Google Earth, showing Section M19, Section 16.3, as the highest mileage in Section M19, thus 5.8 miles from 19, 20.5 from 20, total of 26.3 (versus hiker's claim of 28 + X, X being not-given mileage from 33rd day, described as full day of hiking).

In general, do these Google Earth-posted photo points match the actual mileages from the FLT maps or an FLT guide?

02-06-2011, 21:39
Map m19 mile points
Foxfire Leanto - 10.7
Tuller Hill State Forest parking - 18 .5

7.8 miles on M19 map

Map M20 mile points
Tuller Hill State Forest parking - 0.0
Rt41 20.8

20.8 miles on M20

Total mileage is 28.6

I hope this helps. Lots of loop trails near Greek Peak. If you take these it adds a fwe miles. The mileage I quoted is FLT mileage (which is NCT in these sections).

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02-07-2011, 11:04
My maps are from a few years ago, so there might be some changes due to reroutes.

From Rt 41 crossing east of Cortland to Carson Rd crossing (where M20 begins) is 20.6miles. From There to the Foxfire leanto is 7.8 miles. This makes it 28.4 miles.