View Full Version : SOBO on June1st

02-06-2011, 09:41
Hi everyone, I'm from london UK.

I finish school May 28th, so could be out there by june 1st.

I was thinking of booking flights London-NYC-Maine and then using one of the shuttle services people on this board offer to get to Baxter. Can anyone recommend anything cheaper?

Also, what do I pack?

I spent last summer 'walking around' the hills of Kathmandu valley, Nepal and all I had was a linen shirt, linen pants and rubber flip flops...in the middle of the monsoon season and I never had no problems. I didn't need a backpack 'cos I stayed with a family at the foot of the hills and could buy water/whisky (50Rupees, ~1USD!) up in the mountains.

My aim is to start june 1st, and head as south as possible beforfe I have to be home on sept 20th.

Here's what I think I need:

Two tshirts, two boxer shorts, Linen pants/shirt, some sort of camp pyjama pant to wear in sleeping bag, flip flops and a pair of converses. Backpack, A sleeping bag (what weather do I buy for, kind?) and some sort of lightweight tent (which kind?), toiletries, Iodine.

I can probably get my backpack down to 5Kg, 2l water and food.

Also, I'd like it if someone wants to meet up in baxter for the 100miler, but I might speed up afterward depending on how I'm coping.