View Full Version : New Balance 814, Review

02-08-2011, 21:56
Hey everybody, just want to drop a few lines about the new, New Balance 814 Trail, Men shoe.

It's great! I didn't like the 813 cause of the strip that went around the front, toe guard. It was too hard IMO.

Also, the rubber on the bottom of the shoe is sticky, rubber. It should be good on wet rock. I think the 813 was slick plastic. Not too good on wet rock.

Inside of the shoe, by the heel, it has a nice amount of soft cushion.

The lace's seems pretty durable. It looks cord like. Not thread like. They do feel like thread though. Most of the lace holes are actually in the shoe, not a strip of fabric making a loop for the lace to go into.

By the little toes (5) there's a plastic strip which may or may not be a good thing. Time will tell. I'd prefer mesh there.