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02-10-2011, 21:33
My local outfitter is hosting a thru-hiker clinic tomorrow and Saturday and it just made me wonder how many of you went to something of the sort?

02-10-2011, 22:36
I haven't, but if your unfamiliar with what thru hiking is like, a clinic might be helpful.

02-10-2011, 23:50
I took a semester long college class a few years ago, my professor had hiked and done thrues on the a.t., p.c.t. the contental divide trail and some in europe. so iwas able to learn a lot from his exsperience. i have been going over alot of my notes getting ready for my thru this summer.

02-11-2011, 10:55
Go to this class!. Listen and pay attention

02-11-2011, 11:23
I have never taken a hiking / back packing class but It's not a bad idea. You can never know too much and you can always learn from others, sometimes even those less experienced than you. If nothing else you can learn what mistakes not to make from less experienced or even more experienced hikers.
There is an outward bound school near where I live that covers about every thing outdoors I think..but I can't afford to go to it and I'm not sure they would let you do the school without doing the rock climbing thing or not. I'm not into dangling off of 4000 foot rock cliffs on a rope.. Give me ground I can fall down only and only fall my own height... lol..

02-11-2011, 11:32
I never went to a class, got lots of ideas here on this forum and by talking to others I met on the trail and reading journals and books. But mostly I got out there and hiked weekends and developed a passion for what I wanted to do. Honestly you cant know what a long distance hike is like until you actually do it yourself. There are so many variables.
But I made it, and now nearly twice. :)

But certainly a class can't hurt.

02-11-2011, 12:48
This wasn't meant to be a "should I go?" Post. I'm definitely going. like loneridgerunner said, you can never know too much. I was just wondering how common these are and what kinds of things they cover. I've never done a long distance hike before, but I'm definitely no stranger to hiking.