View Full Version : "Death Race"; part trail running, part survivor

John B
02-11-2011, 17:07
Hard to describe, so just go to their webpage and watch the 10-min. video if you're interested. It was written up in the New York Times. Held annually in Vermont, a 10% completion rate, the race was won by two Marines, one a US Marine, the other a Brit. Royal Marine. "Hell day" kinda sums it up:


Lone Wolf
02-11-2011, 17:26
this might be tougher. very few finishers

02-11-2011, 17:54
seemed kinda weak... I would add some rope climbing and shelter building/ overnight survival stuff. I mean, legos and carrying rocks? That's every weekend for me.

02-11-2011, 21:48
semper fi awesome video