View Full Version : Hammocking last weekend in Feb

Mtn Scout
02-14-2011, 13:29
we are doing a trip next weekend. doing the standing indian section north. i am taking a hammock and the guys going with me say i am crazy. i will have a marmot 25 deg bag with a fleece liner. pad under me. emerg blanket under me and severel layers of clothes. i think i will be ok. what bout yall??? i can take my 0 deg bag but its heavier and i like what i have packed so far:-?

Buffalo Skipper
02-14-2011, 13:43
That sounds good to me, but it really depends upon the weather. I have day hiked some of that area (Albert Mt and Wayah Bald) in the summer, so I can off no advice on the weather there at this time of year.

My advice is to check the forecast, and to decide between the two bags a day or two before you depart.

Good luck and have a great time! Be sure to tell us how it went.

02-14-2011, 14:33
If you check over on hammockforums.net you will see where a group of us (12) spent this past weekend on Roan Mountain in our hammocks. Three to four feet of packed snow, low of 1.8 degrees Friday night and very high winds. Everyone slept warm. A couple of hangers did not even erect their tarps.

02-14-2011, 14:38
Take the 0 degree bag. My coldest night ever camping was a 19 degree night in a hammock with a 25 degree bag, fleece bag liner, pad, and every piece of clothing I had with me. (Fleece pants and jacket put on quite a light show when you slide into a fleece bag liner.) If you're not using an underquilt, then I would subtract at least 20 degrees from the forecast to determine your bag range.