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02-17-2011, 14:52
I suppose this is word of mouth....

Hi Appalachian Trail Folks,
My name is Brian Baker thru hiked in 1980 fell in love with Hot Springs NC came back and worked at Elmer's for 3 years... came back in 1990 and opened The Duckett house Inn located in Hot Springs ,NC ( www.ducketthouseinn.com (http://www.ducketthouseinn.com/) ) we have been providing hikers lodging and meals for 20 + years over the last few years we have been overwhelmed with Thru hikers in the spring ..so we have decided to not advertise our services..just word of mouth..Our regular weekend business and weddings keeps us on our toes..We are still open to thru hiker just keeping it low keyed...

I wanted to let you know we have a new place this year....Muskrat Creek Hostel..

we are located just West of Winding Stair Gap...off 64 ..Muskrat Creek Shelter is about a mile as the crow flies.....our lodging is a beautiful mountain cabin with all amenities ..rates for thru hikers are $20 with shower
WiFi and Direct TV..fuel by the ounce..laundry for nominal fee Tenting $10 with shower..work stays are available please get advance notice.so we can plan work for stay...will hold mail drops ..at our PO Bx 681 Hiawassee,Ga. 30546...or physical address 955 Muskrat Creek Rd Hayesville ,N.C. 28904 Shuttles to and from Winding Stair Gap or Wallace gap and Deep Gap are all close by .Also shuttles to Hiawassee Ga and Franklin NC shuttle rates are $1.50 per mile one way. for reservations call 828-389-4900 or email [email protected]
Best to you!
Brian Baker
Thru Hiker class of 1980

02-17-2011, 17:18
If Google Maps is giving me the correct physical address, then this hostel is actually 11.4 road miles from the Winding Stair Gap trail crossing, and 16 mostly dirt road miles from the AT at Deep Gap, just south of Standing Indian.

The address is close to Chunky Gal Stables, which may be close to Chunky Gal Trail, which eventually intersects the AT after a steep climb about 3 miles south of Deep Gap. Perhaps someone with better local knowledge can determine if that is a reasonable access point to the hostel.

Franklin is about 24 miles from the hostel, and Hiawassee is about 15 miles.

02-18-2011, 07:48
it amazes me that folks get into this business. God bless them, its appreciated. it is a profitless business thats for sure. long way from the trail, though if the weather is bad, im sure it will get used.

02-18-2011, 08:23
I could be wrong...this hostel might be closer to the trail head at Deep Gap than Franklin? Hayesville won't be as hiker friendly as Franklin though. :)

02-18-2011, 09:54
Good Luck Bakers with your new business adventure!! I dream of doing this some day. Whether it's profitless or not, doing what you love & helping others is the reward!! I told my wife, that I'd like to own a little hostel & work another job in the off season as long as the bills were paid, we were puting a little away for retirement & we were loving life together & following our dreams. Interestingly enough, we had a similar discussion last night at our community group & the concensus was "Money IS Overrated" ~Cheers to Real Living~

Red Hat
02-18-2011, 11:52
The Duckett House in Hot Springs was a fantastic place to stay. Recommend it to any thrus this year. (NOBOs just turn right at the town crossing instead of left) I will be back there for sure and will check out the hostel this spring. Good luck!

02-19-2011, 10:39
I'll be doing this section soon & I was researching all available hostels in Hot Springs & on the Duckett House's site I cannot find the hiker barn that several TJ hikers have mentioned? I guess I'll have to call

03-28-2011, 11:35
Used Brian and Steve this past weekend for shuttles. These guys are great! Definitely recommend them! I even got a shuttle in Steve's classic Corvair Monza Spyder convertible! Awesome car...what a ride!
Thanks Guys!!:D

03-28-2011, 13:08
so did anyone ever figure out where this place actually is?