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02-18-2011, 07:59
I'm taking a couple of young boy scouts for an overnight this weekend up to the AT. I'm tending toward two cars (one SUV and one Ford Focus) to park at either end. I'm wondering about the Focus's risks on FS 42 or even up Cooper Gap Rd.

Currently, the plan is one car at Springer and another near Cooper Gap or Gooch Gap for a max of 15 miles. Any suggestions?

02-18-2011, 09:30
I would not want to drive a Focus on FS42 from Springer to either gap. But you can drive the Focus to Springer via Roy Road, Cooper Gap via Gaddistown Road, or Gooch Gap via Cooper Gap Road without worry unless the roads are muddy from heavy rain. So park your SUV at either Cooper or Gooch, then drive the long way around to get to Springer via Roy Road. Hike to the gaps and drive the SUV on FS42 back to Focus at Springer.

02-18-2011, 13:41
Thanks, that was my suspicion also.

02-18-2011, 13:56
Call Josh at the Hiker Hostel. He will know road conditions since he is probably doing several shuttles a day by now.