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02-18-2011, 14:39

My plans for getting down to the trail have changed. My ride to Springer from Mass has just told me unfortunately they can't drive me down 1st week of April as arranged. I am now planning on taking a train to Atlanta, but need help getting from the station to Amicalola Falls. I've found some information on shuttles, cabs, etc. Does anyone have advise on these services? Are any more reliable than the other? How are others from Mass getting to the approach trail? Thanks in advance. Look forward to meeting everyone on trail.

Happy hiking

02-18-2011, 14:46
hikerhostel once you get to gainesville they pick you up take you to the hostel stay over night eat breakfast take you to the trail all for the price of $75.00 i leave on april 2 maybe we will run into each other. good luck oH yet you have to make a Reservation (http://www.hikerhostel.com/reservations.php)
Just go hikerhostel.com

02-18-2011, 14:57
I'm from MA.starting 3/1 flying to GA on 2/26.Staring at the hiker hostle in dahlonaga 2/28.Hostle shuttles people to ammicola or springer.

02-18-2011, 16:04
there is a list of shuttle drivers on the atc website here:

i have used hiker hostel (mentioned above) and this month's sponsor survivor dave (http://www.atsurvivordave.com/). both are great!

02-18-2011, 18:25
You can fly Airtran from Boston to Atlanta for $156, Take the savings in gas, food and lodging for a round trip car ride and you should be able to get to Springer a lot cheaper, and faster than driving.

max patch
02-18-2011, 18:38
I'd get the current pricing from airtran and amtrak "right now" for each day in that week you are looking to leave and then call hiker hostel "immediately" to see if they have any openings. First week in April is prime week to start.

If hiker hostel doesn't work out then I'd try Survivor Dave. Plenty of other options out there also.

02-19-2011, 23:32
criminaly insane advice. kidding.
craigs list. write an add that asks : APPALACHIAN TRAIL HIKER NEEDS RIDE TO GEORGIA

THEN SAY: leaveing around bla bla bla for atlanta or gainsville ga.bla bla bla lifetime dream...bla bla bla...can help with gas...bla bla bla...

02-20-2011, 02:30
Amtrak can take you all the way up to Gainesville, from there you can call the hiker hostel for a stay and ride. You can also call Unitaxi.

02-20-2011, 08:54
getting a ride on craigslist is way cool. yo speak with the person first on the phone and if you gut says go, you get a ride with someone interesting and start your journey in a way that reflects the whole hike rather than a high tech drop off in sterile launch conditions. you save money and practice your self reliance skills and people skills and you go right to the trail and hike. instead of a stressful first night makeing arrangements and staying in a hostel.being on your own for a bit at the start is better.