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02-20-2011, 10:16
I have a bit of a challenge with going through socks.

My feet just destroy them. There are two hotspots where they always wear out: the ball of my foot (worst) and the back of the heel (only bad).

For example, yesterday I went for about 4 miles with maybe 10-12 pounds on my back. I took a 40 minute lunch. I was wearing a pair of nylon inner socks under a pair of wool hikers (don't remember brand of the hikers, but they were smartwool). I was wearing a pair of New Balance 505's that only have about 100-150 miles on them with a brand new set of orange Superfeet inserted. Both of my liner socks now have holes where the ball of my foot rests. One of the smartwool socks has a hole in rhe same place. The liners were new - first time out. The smartwool socks *might* have 75 miles total on them, no more than 25 of those in a single outing.

I can't say that cotton socks have ever stood up any better. I have always gone through socks hard and fast. But now it is a concern for me. I plan to thruhike in 2012 - and it looks like I may need to bring along a Sock Sherpa.

What am I doing wrong or do some people just destroy socks? My ultimate concern is for the condition of my feet - the balls of my feet do get sore with all of this going on.

02-20-2011, 10:24
They don't call them "Darn Tough" for nothing. Noticeably better wear from everyone I have talked to. Give them a shot.

02-20-2011, 12:25
You might also consider things that would accelerate the wear of the socks. Moisture and dirt come to mind.

I remember buying some silk liner socks in Franklin NC a few years ago, and some locally made foot powder. I foolishly simply used both products the next day.

Withing hours, my feet were really painful, the skin of the feet. I finally got to a place to wash the feet completely, and washed out the socks as well. I used different socks the next day and was fine. The "silk" liners felt rather rough. I never wore them again.

Are your liner socks "slick" so that they don't wear the wool socks by abrasion? What does it feel like when you rub these two socks together? Do you see the wool being "worked" by the nylon, or is there simple easy sliding of the nylon over the wool.

There are the purists who claim that wool socks must be 75% wool and 25% nylon, or they wear out.

The worst hiking socks I ever had were from Dillards, their house brand. I got a lot of them on end of season sale for just a few dollars each. I threw out the unused ones after watching these deteriorate.

02-20-2011, 12:38
If it is dirt and rocks inside your shoe that are creating more friction causing the sock to wear faster, perhaps a pair of gaiters would help. Dirtygirlgaiters.com has a plethora of designs (although they are pretty much just spandex and function only as a shield to rocks and dirt, not water).

I might try it without the liners, or a different kind of liner, as "Rocketman" suggested.

If the wool socks are Smartwool brand, I'm surprised that they wore so fast. They're ususally good for a while.

Wise Old Owl
02-20-2011, 13:42
What am I doing wrong or do some people just destroy socks? My ultimate concern is for the condition of my feet - the balls of my feet do get sore with all of this going on.

Socks provide the wicking of moisture and cushioning. In this Recreational sport - you are hanging on to the socks waaaaay tooooo long.. I have stopped purchasing REI's & Thoios since my visit to the Podiatrist, and now go to Walmart right after hunting season is over. I purchase in bulk the Hunter socks and throw them out with each year. By now these socks are hard to obtain, but they are thick and have the same properties at a 1/3 of the cost.

Doc Mike
02-20-2011, 16:33
Darn tough no liners no problems. Just came in the door from 12 mile hike with 15 pound pack.

And if you do have a prob they claim they will replace them.
I haven't wore any of them out yet but just switched last year to them and no problem yet.

02-21-2011, 15:26
Check the sock liner in your shoe. If it has small holes in it, hold it up to the light. I got a tiny rock in one once, right under the ball of the foot. Killed 2 pair.

Check your gait. You might be pivoting when you push off.

Are your shoes old?

Cheap liner socks? I like some spendy ones that out last 2-3 pair of Smartwools.

Tried a pumice stone on the nasty rough spots on your feet?

Good luck.

Wise Old Owl
02-26-2011, 19:07
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