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02-23-2011, 13:29
Since I have come to appreciate the WB community and its collective love and understanding of everything outdoors, I thought I'd share this...http://www.nature.org/initiatives/fire/about/

There has been some past discussion about how bad, or not so bad wildfires are for the forest. The points discussed were on target...some fires are good, some are bad. Depends on a lot of factors. I just suggest that we resist the impulse to jump to the conclusion that a wildfire is "destroying" the forest. As long as its not threatening lives, structures, or some other fire-sensitive values, it can often be a very good thing, especially in the right season.

02-23-2011, 20:54
The forests of North America were healthy long before we (non-Indians) invaded. Forest fires happened, usully started by lightening. Eventually each fire burned out and the forest grew back.

Two things have changed the situation. First, The Forest Service and the Park Service decided that all fires should be put out as soon as possible. This practice (according to some authorities) allowed the understory brush to grow, die and dry. This in turn left a more flammable forest for the next fire. This policy has mostly been changed, except when homes and lives are in danger.
Second, people started building homes in the forest without clearing an adequate area of safety around the buildings.

The Conservancy does some very good things with the money we donate.