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02-27-2011, 12:31
Hi, I have some AT books for sale on Ebay. I tried listing them on the used gear forum but it said I don't have 30 posts! I know I have more than that. Well anyways the books are in very good shape. My user name is : moorebikes
Thanks for looking,

02-27-2011, 16:44
Overpriced. Thanks for the spam.

Amazon sells some for a penny an you are asking $8 + shipping!

Rain Man
02-28-2011, 12:21
I have to admit a little quandary and mixed-feelings about folks who come here just to "get" and their very first post is to skirt the rules in order to sell something. It's so much nicer when folks come here to GIVE too. There is a good reason for the 30-post threshold before one starts to selling. Selling should be ancillary. Trying to "beat the rules" like this just raises suspicions.

Maybe I'm being too critical, but I don't buy from folks who only come to WB to sell stuff, like it's a one-way street, and are not scrupulous enough to honor our rules here. And the prior post is correct... often sellers expect way too much for used goods. For instance (and this may be extraneous in this case), I'd never pay over half of retail for used stuff. But that's another vent.

Apologies if I'm just being tough on a newbie, but if he's really a hero, I'm sure he can take it, and probably has taken gruff before!

Rain Man


03-01-2011, 16:25
I have had over 30 posts on White Blaze and have sold items also. I have not been on the site for over a year and now that I logged on I see that all my posts are gone. Not trying to rip anyone off.