View Full Version : Deer Hill shelter

02-28-2011, 19:10
Stayed here in at the end of october, was a nice shelter but the privy was putrid! Its a bit off the main AT(near Mt. greylock):banana but a cool place to spend the night. A local boyscout troop built an awesome replica 1800s privy but left out the toilet, so you are forced to use the so-called privy next to it with hardly any floor and nowhere for your business go. I rebuilt the fire ring because the old one was in shambles. A little windy but a great stream right next to it with some real fresh water. There are also some decent tent sites on the hillside nearby.peace in the east.

lemon b
10-28-2011, 14:14
Ever since the new campground trail went in this shelter is kinda like grand central station. The campground tent sites offer more privicy.