View Full Version : Jet Boil on sale now at S/C

03-01-2011, 13:55

03-01-2011, 14:02
Gone now..................

03-01-2011, 14:09
Jetboil Titanium 8.5 oz model coming out any day now.... more $$$, but worth the wait IMO!

03-01-2011, 14:20
8.5oz sized cup? or weight?

I'm assuming the latter. I am surprised there isn't a S/C sticky thread that gets added to when ever something decent comes along. I suppose, every 15 minutes someone would be there updating it. But most of the items I've seen there are not actually amazingly useful for my needs :D

(That said, I do still check it once or more a day at random times...)

03-01-2011, 14:45
www.jetboil.com. Ti model. all the info is on the site already, just nkt for sale yet

03-01-2011, 21:25
Wow. I might have to get one of these. I have always thought JetBoil was far and away the best cooking system out there, but I have always carried a Soto stove and Ti pan just for the difference in weight. But my stove and pan are about 7.5 oz in combined weight. I think that extra ounce would be totally worth it for the benefits of a JetBoil.

They advertise the cup as being "0.8L." Is that full to the top? Or is that filled to the "don't fill it any higher than this" line that the old JetBoils have?