View Full Version : Follow up on Ossatron and Plantar Fascitis

01-09-2005, 08:46
Promised to follow up on my treatment for Plantar Fascitis.
Had the procedure at 0630 Friday morning...spent roughly 20 hours in bed afterward (Got messages from Big Guy, Uncle Wayne, and Neo; thanks for the words of encouragement and Neo will be in touch soon). Tried to walk a bit yesterday evening but pain very bad, slept another 12 hours.
Doctors instructions are to limit walking for 2 weeks.
No hiking for 2 months.
Skin on both feet feels burned and the ink marks are still there from where they aimed the Ossatron head.
I was kinda depressed lately thinking hiking is gone from my life but maybe this did the trick, wont know for 2 months if enough healing can occur post the destruction the Ossatron causes, they call it micro-trauma and it is supposed to create thousands of healing points in the fascia of the foot.
I havent seen the total bills from the doc, the anesthetist, and the facility but i'm sure they will make me even sicker....
Later for now

01-09-2005, 12:17
I sincerely hope that you're back on your feet soon. We won't know what to do without your continual stream of newest-coolest-lightest gear reveiws.

here a sunshine to brighten your day



01-09-2005, 20:46
Sorry to hear that you are down for a while - hope that you are back up and hiking again by summer

In the meantime - don't forget those kayaks!

Big Guy
01-09-2005, 22:02
Good to hear from you. I hope things turn out well for you. Keep the faith and hang in there. Best wishes and speedy recovery. Look forward to seeing you on the trail in a couple of months.

Pooja Blue
01-11-2005, 03:52
You're the first person I've known of who's had this procedure done... will be interested to know how things progress for you. Keep us posted!