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03-02-2011, 15:50
So.. the snow has finally melted and it's warm enough now to go out for a few days without the full winter complement and now it's going to rain every weekend????

Beautiful weather, so I asked my wife if she wanted to hike the 33 mile section between Hot Springs and Devil's Fork Gap this weekend. She says, sure - if it isn't raining. Pulled up the weather report and it's supposed to rain Saturday and Saturday night. She says, "You know I don't like to hike in the rain. You go ahead."

I'm still going but I'll be going alone unless the weather improves. Seems like it's been raining or snowing on the weekends for quite a while. Last weekend I got soaked hiking - not that I mind but it'd be nice to have the wife with me once in a while.

<rant off...>

03-02-2011, 15:59
Oh well. Did you promise chocolates and roses if she goes? :) Anyway its still a few days off. Might blow through quickly.

03-02-2011, 16:12
Oh well. Did you promise chocolates and roses if she goes? :) Anyway its still a few days off. Might blow through quickly.

I think I get more mileage out of loading the dishwasher and cooking than I do with roses and chocolate. :)

My wife just isn't an all weather hiker. She loves to be outside but she's a "Sunny, warm and dry" sort.

03-02-2011, 17:08
You had rain last weekend? I day-hiked in Big South Fork last Saturday and the weather was perfect - a winter morning and a spring afternoon, all in sunshine. Even saw a small snake sunning itself on the trail.

03-02-2011, 17:09
10-K...even tho Mrs. 10-K is a sunny, warm and dry hiker, you are still a lucky man. At least she wants to/can hike with you on a limited basis. Enjoy. :)

03-02-2011, 22:33
I am facing the same thing. I am supposed to do a 3 day trip from Dally Gap at the South end of the Cohutta Wilderness up to Reliance TN on the Benton Mackaye trail. We have been planning it for months and even have two friends flying in from TX to do it. We are pretty much "all in" no matter what the weather is. I guess that is why we spend so much money on rain gear and tents! I just hate to cook and eat in the rain, I guess I will just take a good tarp to do all that fun stuff under, hate to miss my time sitting around the fire drinking and talking. I guess a 15 year Glenfiddich tastes the same in the comfort of a tent!

Blake Gober

PS Weather keeps changing on weather.com and the chance right now is about 30% per day for Saturday and Sunday so maybe it will only rain for a short period of time.