View Full Version : Anyone have a better way to display hikes than this?

03-05-2011, 17:07
I know there is a lot of discussion about recording hikes and posting them for others to share.

I am completely new to the whole GPS thing but I went out and bought a very high end unit: Magellan Explorist 710. Besides hiking I do a lot of bike riding and this unit can be setup for walking, hiking, biking, and driving. It has an entire city street map set as well as 1:24,000 topo maps for the entire country. I figured that's going to save me a lot of $$$ down the road.

Anyway - I did a hike this morning with a local hiking club. I took the GPX track I created and uploaded it to the site I use for my bike rides. I forgot to mention that my GPS also takes pictures and videos.

Click on the link below and then I recommend changing the map view to terrain. You can track progress using the timer in the bottom right hand corner. Wherever you see a yellow balloon you can double click to show a picture I took at that location. It rained a lot today so I didn't take a lot of pics.

The other cool thing was that when we had to ford a creek I took the unit, wrapped it in a plastic bag, stuck it in my pack, put the rain cover on it, and it still tracked just fine.

If you are aware of any sites, programs, etc that do a better job of displaying and sharing GPX tracks I would appreciate knowing what they are. I also need to figure out how to incorporate this in a trail journal.


03-05-2011, 17:47
You didn't mention, but presumably you know about mapmyhike.com ? It's a newer "for hiking" version of http://www.mapmyride.com/ which I have used extensively, and can say is great, and probably does exactly what you want (just as mapmyhike would).

03-05-2011, 20:13
Thanks. I had seen the mapmyride website and didn't like it as much as the ridewithgps site.

I do like the additional stats and the elevation profile but I do not like that I cannot simply upload pictures and have the program automatically place them where they were taken. Unless you can and I missed something.