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03-06-2011, 12:34
I'm going to take a couple weeks off in may and I'm trying to decide on wich trail to hike, AT in ct,and ma. or the LT. Any suggestions on wich one, never done the LT and it looks like a nice lil' hike. Feed back would be greatly appreciated.:-?

Jersey Tim
03-06-2011, 13:15
For your May time frame, I'd strongly recommend the CT-MA section of the AT. From the Long Trail website:

"The Green Mountain Club reminds hikers and trip leaders that spring mud season begins April 15 and runs until Memorial Day weekend. Some trails are closed, and hikers are urged to stay off all trails during this time. This will allow trails to dry out and reduce erosion and maintenance. Please use your best judgment, and avoid high-elevation spruce-fir forest trails until Memorial Day."

The LT would be muddy and unpleasant before June. If you want a top quality LT hike, try it in September.

03-06-2011, 14:22
Ditto. Please take GMC's request seriously. It's incredible how much damage gets done in a short time frame, by otherwise well meaning hikers who seem to think the signs mean "everyone but me should stay off the trail".

03-06-2011, 14:38
Please don't even consider hiking the LT in May. I went through last August during a so-called dry spell. There were still many, many stretches where we were ankle deep(or deeper) in mud. So when they mud season- they mean MUD SEASON!!! :eek:

03-06-2011, 17:31
thanxs folks I will stick to the ct.and ma. section of the AT until september. I appreciate the feed back.

J TenEyck
03-23-2011, 16:49
Yep, the mud on the LT is ledgendary, even in late Summer. Further, you would never finish the trail in 2 weeks even in ideal conditions, if that was your intention, unless you are incredibly fit. The LT is one serious challenge. The stated vertical feet end-to-end is something like 60,000 going N. Reality is probably more like 2x that amount. I thought it was much harder than the JMT. I did 21 miles one day down South, many others only 12 - 15, and even less up North. Plan on at least 3 weeks.