View Full Version : Vacuum sealer anyone?

01-11-2005, 06:16
I've been trying different ways to pack (and repackage) food for my hiking trips.
I have a "Foodsaver" vacuum sealer that works well for home stuff, whaddya
think about using it for space saving and packing food for a hike? And too,
things you don't want to get wet during another hurricane like Jeanne last fall.

01-11-2005, 14:48
It should work well, but remember that once you open a package on the trail, you can't close it again.

01-11-2005, 20:30
I vacuum sealed all of my food prior to my hike, I made my jerky, dehydrated vegetables and everything. I also removed all package food from the boxes like, macaroni & cheese, put it a vacuum seal bag, added salt and seasoning and cheese mix in, and vacuum sealed.

Things like candy bars, instant oatmeal packets and such, with scissors cut the of packed to release air, fold it over insert in a vacuum seal bag, and vacuum seal it.

Things like cookies, by bulk divide into 3 - 5 ounce servings, put a in a bag and vacuum seal, You just what you need for a snack withou having to reseal anything.

Things like chips, jerky, dehydrated vegetables (mentioned above) you will want to follow this method as follows, using a quart size freezer baggie (cause they are the thickest) insert the item in the baggie, cut the top of the baggie off, put in a vacuum seal bag and vacuum seal. This will keep the pointy ends of jerky and stuff from poking small holes in the vaccum bag during shipment.

I always let the vacuum sealed item set for 24 hours to make sure it is properly sealed and no leaks occured. If it does leak, (especially for item like jerky with pointy end) do remove from vacuum bag, just cut off a corner and insert into another bag, and vacuum seal, this will help insure there are no protrusions.

Lastly I took apart my data book, companion guide, and seperated my maps, figured out what I needed to get from one mail drop to another and organized them that way, then vacuum sealed them, over kill I know but, when I open my mail drop box everything was fine and organized, and had just what I needed.

What more tips here anyone email me.

01-14-2005, 17:36
I prefer zip lock bags because once the vacuum seal bag is opened there is no easy and quick way to reseal when you are backpacking!

01-14-2005, 17:54
Are vacuum seal bags heavier than regular zip locks?

01-14-2005, 23:38
Are vacuum seal bags heavier than regular zip locks?

Yes, more durable, not resealable like a ziplock, and somewhat heavier in weight than ziplocks. My scale isn't accurate enough to tell the difference.

swamp dawg
01-15-2005, 00:18
I used one and found them helpful in getting bulk food down to a compact size. The only down side is the cost tends to be a bit high vs. zip locks. You can reuse the plastic bag but it is not real feasible on really long hikes.
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