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01-11-2005, 12:48
Many thru hikers and those who spend time in northern NJ are aware that the Worthington Bakery and Deli closed last year (as I understand it, the elderly couple that ran the store for many years have both passed away). The bakery is on Route 206 right where the trail crosses the road, so many trail hikers through NJ have stopped here over the past decades for a snack.

(Apologies for the commercial nature of the rest of this message, but I figured this is one of the best places to try and make a connection).
A for sale sign has been up in the small parking lot for several months now, and I am considering purchasing the building and trying to re-open it. I am seeking a business partner with retail experience (ideally managing a convenience store, health food store, or snack shop) who wants to participate in a hiker friendly business opportunity. The AT runs literally right in front of the store, and there are many other hiking trails near by in Stokes State Forest and other NJ state parks, in addition to a short commute to canoe trips on the Delaware River. The recreational opportunities are attractive, but of course, there is a lot of work to get a new business going.
The building is somewhat run down since the previous owners were not able to keep it up as well in the last few years, but the location is great both on a high traffic road and very close to the trail.
I am ready to contribute financially but need a partner with appropriate experience, plus the energy and enthusiasm to re-build a hiker friendly trail stop. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]

07-30-2005, 21:48
Worthington's was a great place. A young woman working there a few years ago told me the owner was very sick, but I never really found out wha happened. The next time I was in Culvers Gap, the store was closed...rumors were that the elderly man had died/gone crazy/moved to Florida or Arizona, or just plain gave up.

I hiked this section at about the same time you posted your message. There was a builder moving into the building, but the for sale sign remained. Due to a psychotic./neurotic boss...I've not been able to get back there to see what the status of this venture might be, but it would be a great location for a business that caters to local and seasonal markets. Location is on a major road (for that area), and hikers would sure appreciate a nice cold drink or food.

Mountain Dew
08-02-2005, 01:47
The owner died and his son didn't want to continue in that line of business. A new lease holder is busy remodeling the place and will soon open the building as a deli I believe.