View Full Version : Clark Jungle Hammock-North American

01-11-2005, 15:10
Has anyone tried one of these hammocks. I plan to hike the AT in the spring of 06 and want to do some other shorter hikes until then as a means of preparation. I would appreciate any sort of feedback in regards to using a hammock vs a tent.


SGT Rock
01-11-2005, 19:27
Go to my website, I have a ton of data on that. Look under Techniques for hammock camping. Lots of the pros and cons of hammocks as well as a link to my review of the Clark and the Hennessy.

01-11-2005, 20:47
I have a Clark Ultralight and like it very much. I sleep much better than in my Zoid1 tent and it is almost a full pound lighter. Here is a shot of my setup during a weekend hike from Sam's Gap to the Nolichuckey River at Erwin. I was about 100 yds up the side of a ridge on a 30 deg slope.


Clarks are IMO well made, durrable with great features and good support.