View Full Version : Oboz Lighting

03-14-2011, 21:32
Just seeing if anyone has used these and their thoughts. My 2008 Montrail stock (from when they were cool) are used up. I have the Sawtooth Mids for cold weather and love em. Thanks in advance.

Joey C
03-14-2011, 21:37
Havent' used those, yet. They look interesting. You've peaked my interest. I'll have to go try on a pair.

Mountain Wildman
03-14-2011, 23:41
I have the Oboz Firebrand and the Hardscrabble.
The Hardscrabbles are nice and feel like any other running shoe.
The Firebrand however, Are the most comfortable shoes/sneakers I have ever worn.
After 30 years of wearing Nike Air sneakers exclusively, I will be buying Oboz from now on. The lightnings look interesting, similar to the Hardscrabbles' sole design.
I will have to visit EMS and check them out and pick up a spare pair of the Firebrands while they are still available.