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Hammock Hanger
01-11-2005, 19:39
yuck what a combination.

Really just wanted to say I have finally found a powdered milk that taste good enough for me to actually drink as milk or use in cold cereal. It is in the BABY FOOD section. It is a WHOLE milk made by Nestle called NIDO.

Also when shopping today I came across TUNA STEAKS in foil packets. Haven't tasted them yet but when I have mine I'll report back.


01-11-2005, 20:30
Never have been much for the powdered milk thing on the trail ...but I'm very interested in that tuna product. Looking forward to your feedback.

AT 2003

01-11-2005, 20:39
I concur! I learned about NIDO last year from one of these bp forums...until then I didn't know there was such a product as powdered whole milk. Still not the same as 'real' milk, NIDO is the best powdered I've tasted. Here in my part of the country, WalMart stocks it in the ethnic/Mexican food section.