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Mtn Scout
03-16-2011, 12:09
ok guys i have been about 60 miles on the trail and am trying to get my gear to achieve mac performance and be pretty light. what i am looking for is opinions on what i have and what i can change. i have 2 packs right now that i cant decide on to use. i have carried them both but they have their differences.
Gregory z pack 3300ci
go lite jam 3000ci

my gear currently in use
HH asym UL with stock tarp
WM blue pad
reflectix barrier

Sleeping bag: 3.25 lbs
marmot 25 syn
homemade fleece liner

cook system: 8 oz
SP 700 Modified handles and jet boil lid
homeade stove, screen, stand

first aid: 8.0z

clothing depends on weather usually runs around 3-4lbs
food usually 3-4 lbs
water 4lbs

i always carry these items:
pocket torch
gerber mini saw
gerber mini tool
sewing kit
50 para cord
dri ducks poncho
small travel bible
i will add thing later if i remember what i have forgotten. i am thinking about making my own tarp so i can have a larger one. i am looking for and reccommendations and any opinions. you wont hurt my feelings. ususally the max is 4 days on the trail for me. i am still learning every time out. i do have a question about the reflectix stuff. its very similar to the sun shades at local auto parts store. is this the same stuff?? also thinking about making an UQ

Two Tents
03-16-2011, 12:26
That's a pretty heavy sleeping bag with the liner too. You could go lighter with a down quilt but ---more money to spend. Do you really need the gerber saw and the mini tool? Carry a small length of duck tape wrapped around a couple of zip ties and ditch the sewing kit. What's in the first aid kit? I bet you could trim that down several ounces. What do you do for filtering water if any thing? Camel up when you get to a water source. Carry a liter unless you are in a dry area. Small bic or a flint steel for lighting your alcohol stove. Matches sealed up for back up.The Jam if you like the fit and all your stuff will fit. Hey you asked so that's my 2 cents.

03-16-2011, 12:42
Yeah no need for the saw.

Mountain Mike
03-16-2011, 13:29
I see no need for the saw or multi tool. If you really feel the need for a saw get a wire survival saw. Multi tool can replaced by a small swiss army knife. Blade, sissors & can opener were about all I used & occasionally cork screw in town layovers.

& I agree sleeping bag seem on the heavy side.

03-16-2011, 13:35
You could def go lighter on the sleeping bag. Have you checked out the Golite UltraLite 3-Season Quilt, only 1.5lb and if the 40% coupln code is still good its a steal.

1st aid kit looks abit heavy as well.

Never used a minisaw. I find if wood won't break when whacked against a tree, its prob not dry enough to burn well.

Mtn Scout
03-16-2011, 21:51
filtration is sweetwater

03-17-2011, 08:18
If you have an HH with a tarp, ditch the shelter. Look for a lighter sleeping bag, especially in warm weather. If you feel you really need the Gerbers, I would look for a lighter alternative.

Mtn Scout
03-19-2011, 00:17
i have never used the gerber multi tool but i think it weighs around 3 oz. the saw i use all the time. last trip it had rained the day before. i found an abundance of oak that had fallen and was still pretty fresh. so i used the saw and cut basically the top of the tree out. we had enough wood for a great fire and we left a huge amount for the next people to come across it in the dry.

Mtn Scout
03-20-2011, 16:29
ok guys. i made some changes. packed up and loaded with everything i would take including 1.5 liters of water i am at 23lbs and that is including the gerber mini tool and the saw. i am pretty pleased