View Full Version : Thru-Hike Success for WB Users

01-12-2005, 20:05
I'm kind of curious... How has WB contributed to your successful thru-hike (or any hike)?

I'm planning a 2005 hike and so far WB has helped me shave 20 lbs from my base weight and I'm still not done cutting the weight. If I succeed, I know I'll have many WB users to thank!

So, how about you all? :jump

Lone Wolf
01-12-2005, 20:28
Nope. It's made me a fat, lazy, wannabe cyber hiker. I'm a pathetic POS. :o

01-12-2005, 20:31
uuuuhhhhh LW...it's all I can do to keep from jumping on that one but I'm too nice a guy.

01-12-2005, 20:45
WB made me have kidney stones!

Lone Wolf
01-12-2005, 20:59
Go ahead Skeemer. I'm a Marine with broad shoulders.

01-12-2005, 21:16
Nope. It's made me a fat, lazy, wannabe cyber hiker. I'm a pathetic POS. :o

Man, talk about leaving yourself wide open! :bse

Lone Wolf
01-12-2005, 21:19
What is it with you Ohio types?

steve hiker
01-12-2005, 21:49
I listened to Whiteblaze and fell in a mud puddle!


SGT Rock
01-12-2005, 21:56
LOL... Sounds like a bad infomercial for real-estate sales.

"I never hiked a day in my life, but thanks to the WhiteBlaze hiking experts, I was able to thru-hike the AT three times in one year - WITH NO MONEY DOWN!" :banana

01-12-2005, 23:13
but WAIT, there's MORE!!!!!

Order now and get a free FLOWBEE and a set of Ginsu Knives

01-12-2005, 23:25
I haven't thru hiked the AT, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :bse

Tha Wookie
01-12-2005, 23:55
I have a life-size keyboard that I jump around on to type. My legs are absolutely ripped

01-13-2005, 00:06

I WhiteBlaze Therefore I AM ...

AT 2003

01-13-2005, 20:39
I'll vary from the responses so far and give you a serious answer. I was really helped by White Blaze. There's a lot of information here. I was able to considerably trim my pack weight.

I live right up I 16 from you. e mail me if you want to talk further or spend a couple of days on the Georgia AT.

Scorpion GA ME 04

01-13-2005, 22:59
Reading the posts here helped me know what to expect and helped select equipment. It helped lead me to the Nomad tent, reassured me that canisters are available for Pocket Rocket stoves, gave ideas on what to eat and where to stay....... I could go on and on. The only source equal to this is reading all the online journals available.

01-14-2005, 13:17
I had never even heard of hammock camping before WB... that alone has completely changed the face of my upcoming thru-hike.