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03-18-2011, 14:12
I plan to hike the AT however, I've made some strength gains in my upper body that I don't want to loose. Has anyone ever tried a weekly ab and upper body routine while hiking the AT or is energy a issue? Are there ever any places available to do pullups?

03-18-2011, 14:17
Plenty of tree limbs for pullups and push-ups can be done anywhere.

03-18-2011, 16:03
Just hold your pack in front of you and do curls.. as many reps as you need to maintain your upper body strength.

03-18-2011, 16:09
Using poles also helps a little bit with both arms and core muscles.

Pedaling Fool
03-18-2011, 16:29
Make a bonfire every night with one of these http://www.svensaw.com/ (http://www.svensaw.com/), not only will it be a good U/B workout, but maybe it'll get you laid:eek::D

03-18-2011, 16:33
no matter what if you thru hike you will lose some gains. I have evened out in the end on both my thru hikes....the down side being my upper body did shrink a little but not bad and I lost a ton of body fat. Trekking poles like ender said, I did that. Also Pull ups on trees and in shelters along with push ups with "to die for views" I even hit a gym that was in the hotel at least two times. Eat well and do what you can. I loved muscle milk cookies and creme on my pct thru hike last year I had little baggies all made up...it was great until a gang of california ground squirrels got into a weeks worth and made it look like a huge drug bust at a camp ground near the sierras :)

Many Walks
03-18-2011, 16:43
All the above, then the towns every week to hoist lots of beers and food.:D

03-18-2011, 17:52
I wouldn't bother trying to do upper body exercises while out on the trail. If anything, find a gym in a trail town and take a nero to get your workout down. Once a week is plenty for maintenance.

Fog Horn
03-18-2011, 18:34
Don't discount certain yoga moves. They give them to me for Physical Therapy. Moves like the Plank work out your entire body, but you especially feel it in your upper body and your core.

And remember that you can always do variations on push ups. Wide arm works different muscles than diamond. You could do the clapping push ups or one arm push ups as well.

I will likely have to continue doing my physical therapy out there, but other than those moves I would imagine I would be too dog tired to stick to any other routine. Good luck!

03-18-2011, 21:12
Well, since you brought this up, I'll mention some of what is available to you when you get to Partnership Shelter. You already know that you can order pizza to be delivered to you there, but are you aware that you can catch the local transit service in the morning and get them to haul you around for 75 cents a ride. Now, about the workouts, first, there is a public pool one block off of Main Street open all summer. But more importantly, there is the Lifetime Wellness Center. The local bus will take you there and come back for you at a designated hour. There you can swim in an Olympic size indoor pool, sit in a hot tub, have a sauna, enjoy a therapy pool plus take a shower, do weights, use the cardio machines (don't want to lose your fitness, you know), have a free cup of coffee, have physical therapy and/or a massage with a previously made appointment. All the above for $10.00/day.

Once finished, if you don't want to avail yourself of the transit system, you can walk downhill to Main Street where you will find Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, barbequed ribs, Italian, country, whatever kind of food. Also, there are pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Family Pharmacy) and groceries (Ingles, Food Lion, Food City).

There is a Verizon Store with accommodating sales and service people. There is a WalMart (but not a Super Walmart).

And there are motels. The EconoLodge gets good reviews as does the Magnuson, especially since famous the Sugar Grove Diner is located there.

Did I mention the churches? Most are there, even my Episcopal.

And the post office is located very near the library, where there are 13 computers available.

What more can I say? Bring your workouts of all kinds to Marion, Virginia.


03-19-2011, 10:01
I came to WhiteBlaze this morning, fearing what would be said about my taking the above opportunity to promote the offerings of a close-to-trail town in SW Virginia. Thank goodness, no one lit into me. I, however, have noticed a couple of problems with what I wrote: 1. Neither the physical therapy nor the massage therapy is available for the $10.00 day use fee at the Wellness Center. They just happen at that site. 2. The library has difficult hours on Friday, when it closes at 1:00 PM, and on Saturday, when I think it closes at 4:00 PM. Don't even ask about Sunday. The Sugar Grove Diner and the Red Rooster are closed on Sunday as well. OTOH, if you are interested in fantastic AYCE fair, get a luncheon reservation at the Hungry Mother State Park restaurant for Sunday lunch.

Now, back to preparing for my own journey.--Kinnickinic

03-19-2011, 10:27
I do push ups every day on the trail or otherwise. Sometimes fatigue is an issue, but I do them first thing in the AM. I was still pretty cut at the end of my trip, but there was no body fat. That helps you look more cut. I wish I could do a pull up.

litefoot 2000

Wise Old Owl
03-19-2011, 10:46
Make a bonfire every night with one of these http://www.svensaw.com/ (http://www.svensaw.com/), not only will it be a good U/B workout, but maybe it'll get you laid:eek::D

You nailed it John, every time I hit the camping parks the noobs are chopping, cutting breaking branches for their prime-evil campfires. No wonder they outlawed chainsaws. The worst was Elk Neck Forest last year where a owner of a landscaping company showed up with a trailer full of un-split wood across from my site and the noise of chopping was morning noon and night.

03-19-2011, 18:18
So if a person carries a svensaw, he/she will need a two person tent? :)

03-19-2011, 19:10
So if a person carries a svensaw, he/she will need a two person tent? :)

Don't stack the wood in your tent silly. :p

03-19-2011, 20:57
dont need to do all that stuff just go hike