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03-18-2011, 16:07
I didn't see anything about this posted in this forum (not in the local media either prior to today) so I figured I'd give a heads up. A controlled burn was apparently planned for today on the Blue Ridge Parkway between the Folk Arts Center and Craven Gap.

According to this AC-T article (http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20110318/NEWS01/110318015/Parkway-cancels-burn-near-Asheville-s-Haw-Creek-neighborhood) the burn was canceled. HOWEVER, I was up there today between about noon and 2pm and it was VERY smoky so either someone didn't get the memo about the cancellation or else they started and then aborted the mission. The entrance to the MST @ Craven Gap heading west on the MST (south on the BRP) was posted with a sign and there was some tape blocking off the parking spot right there. The posting mentioned that portion of trail would be closed for as many as a few days after the burn so firefighters could watch any hotspots.

Since they aborted this today (and didn't really ever give any advanced warning anyway) I would be prepared for this to happen any day now without much advanced warning. I guess if you are heading east on the MST you might want to stop and check at the Parkway Headquarters or Folk Art Center to see if they have new info....otherwise it might be a road walk for a few miles.

Hope this helps!

03-18-2011, 16:10
The area in question is in Section 8.1 and 8.2


Tennessee Viking
03-18-2011, 17:05
Right now, its controlled burn season.

NPS and USFS will do unannounced burns. Its usually to get rid of dead brush that could potentially be a future fire hazard. Or to help new growth to reclaim an area.

I heard of controlled burns being planned months in advance on the AT, then sometimes, you won't hear anything until you walk up on an area and rangers tell you to take a detour or be escorted through.

I have an adopted section on the MST at Falls Lake, and Wildlife/ACE did a control burn on my section, and I wasn't notified. I would have at least liked to been notified and expect to have a patch of down trees to remove.