View Full Version : I wish for you a safe journey and lots of sunshine...

miassis dragon
03-22-2011, 13:27
I joined WB today to wish all thru hikers a safe journey with lots of sunshine. I have dreamed of doing what you are getting ready to do and can only imagine the thrilling times ahead for you.

:sunStay strong...love nature...live large...:sun

03-22-2011, 13:39
Welcome aboard! If you need info on backpacking you will be sure to find it.

03-22-2011, 13:52
Welcome:welcome Nice to have you on-board.

03-22-2011, 13:52
:welcome to whiteblaze!

miassis dragon
03-22-2011, 15:14
thanks Toolumpy, Cookerhiker, & LoneRidgeRunner.