View Full Version : Trail Conditions - Need to know!

Green Lantern
03-24-2011, 21:18
Hi, folks -

I am planning on starting out Monday, March 28 a few miles north of High Point (Ferguson Rd) and hiking south to Delaware Water Gap - about 50 trail miles.

I've been advised that there is about 10 inches of snow that came down yesterday, so I'm a little concerned about trail conditions. Has anyone been out since the storm, or can otherwise give me some real time on-the-ground trail conditions?

Much appreciated!

Hoping for this, actually: :sun

03-27-2011, 22:24
I was in Swartswood State Park today, about 5-10 miles east of the AT running through Culvers Gap. The trail was muddy and parts still snow covered, but the snow isn't very deep where there is snow cover. I'd imagine in well shaded, north facing areas it might be still mostly snow covered. Today and yesterday the temperatures were above freezing and the weather was gorgeous. It looks like the weather pattern is going to hold through most of this week as well, so you should be in luck for more melting and good weather. Happy trails!

Green Lantern
03-27-2011, 22:40
... for coming through on conditions. This is my last check-in w/ whiteblaze. Heading for the trail tomorrow.

Weather looking cool, but nice (at least until Wed.)