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03-26-2011, 03:54
Curious. Didn't think about it at the Warmer to ask Jester but am wondering why he hasn't posted on Whiteblaze. I used to see posts from him on the type of threads I like to read. He was frequently comic relief on many forums. Miss Jester!

03-26-2011, 05:52
Mary, Jester was, for whatever reason, banned by the powers that be. Doesn't make much sense, but that's the way someone way someone wanted it.

03-26-2011, 06:04
let him go. you cant help jester now. move on. dont look. they may see you. just post like nothings happened.


03-26-2011, 06:21
He is Banned.

The day the humor died.

03-26-2011, 06:47
let him go. you cant help jester now. We couldn't help Jester before. :banana We should turn this thread into a Jester Turibute/Roast thread. Just sayin'. :D

03-26-2011, 06:48
The day the humor died.Indeed. :(

Sierra Echo
03-26-2011, 07:06
Jester deleted his own account.

03-26-2011, 07:14
He was not banned. He left of his own accord, disgusted after having a thread deleted that did not violate any WB rules. His farewell address:

Some History, and then I'm history . . .

At Peer or prince -- at prince or peer,

I aim my shaft and know no fear!

--Jack Point, The Yeomen of the Guard

Those who do not know the history of jesters may not know that they served a purpose beyond entertainment. While much of that history is probably based more on myth and apocrypha than on fact, sometimes stories become true in the telling. And so we have this: licensed jesters were valued and protected, because they were often the only ones able to tell the truth to a monarch, their nonsense serving to rebuke or to prove a point.

When Cromwell became Lord Protector, he eliminated the position of court jester. Why? Because Cromwell was getting his truth from God, and could not possibly be wrong or in need of correction.

England had no room for jesters.

Now, here on whiteblaze, for the first time in many years of posting, I have had an entire thread deleted at the mere whim of the powers that be, a thread that in no way violated the useage agreement, that was simply deemed to be “not helping.”

Fine, I suppose.

But if an administrator can silence a jester simply because he does not like a thread, then whiteblaze has no room for jesters.

And so this is my last post. Anyone who wants to keep in touch can find me on Facebook, where I am Shane O’Donnell. Thanks to everyone who made whiteblaze fun and informative for me.

I imagine that this thread, too, will be deleted. But while it is up, let me tell those who might post, “he’ll be back”: he will not, in fact, be back. But I’d like to think I’ll be here in spirit -- every time someone starts a thread asking how long cheese will last.


03-26-2011, 07:21
I stand corrected. :D

03-26-2011, 08:07
scientists working in an ancient egyption tomb have discovered what they belive to be still viable cheese in the stomach of an enntombed mumified high level court officers remains. the member of the court was aparently the predisessor to later jestersin courts the world over. this discovery once and for all puts to rest the cronwellinen veiw of court jesters in favor of a more prehistoric origin so says proffessor matthewski of the mummy beuro.

03-26-2011, 08:09
in related news, mummy zombies like cheese.

03-26-2011, 08:19
in related news, mummy zombies like cheese.

I hear their favorite is brain cheese.

03-26-2011, 08:19
I carried Vermont cheddar in the south in March.
Had no trouble with it going bad -- it never had time.
Great on crackers!

"Alak, the regime has no need for jesters. They just don't "help."
Let the low denominators fall to where they must, but my fraction will always include a cheese sequitur." ~Billy Budd, hiker

03-26-2011, 12:45
It is what is it is.

03-26-2011, 12:56
He was not banned. He left of his own accord, disgusted after having a thread deleted that did not violate any WB rules. His farewell address:

Some History, and then I'm history . . .

The Jester or the Joker was used by Bob Dylan often as a symbol of omnipotence, due in part to it's place in the Tarot deck.

Most notably in "All along The Watchtower" where the Joker (Jesus Christ) and the Theif (Barabas) bemoan their imprisonment. Jesus, of course is not looking for "some way out of this place" in a physical sense like Barabas was, but still it what makes the poetry amazing

He notably repeats this theme in "Jokerman"

To Dylan Jokers, Jesters, ect represent the artist which he cautions, to "which life is not a joke"

He directs scorn at the power elite, "Businessman drink my wine, go and dig my earth"
It's where it becomes personal for him.

All this may have been why Don McLean referred to Dylan as Jester in American Pie a few years later when trying draw a particular moment in history when he stole Elvis' crown as the king of rock and roll

03-26-2011, 13:05
He was not banned. He left of his own accord, disgusted after having a thread deleted that did not violate any WB rules. His farewell address:

Some History, and then I'm history . . .

So, was Festus from GUNSMOKE a Jester?
Did Bob Dylan eat cheese when he wote his songs in the 60's?

03-26-2011, 13:10
So, was Festus from GUNSMOKE a Jester?
Did Bob Dylan eat cheese when he wote his songs in the 60's?


deep man :D

03-26-2011, 23:22
Jester left of his own accord. He did have a thread removed and it was for good cause. Jesterís leaving was precipitated by a thread about guns. Strongly held opinions about guns, as most of you know, lead to many contentious threads. Further unsurprisingly, peopleís opinions on the subject are so polarized that whenever the subject comes up, the threads usually degenerate quickly. It generally matters little what the exact question is. As with several hot button hiking issues there is usually one or more people that will have an immutable opinion on the subject and will ad nauseum tie up the thread or attempt to get it closed.

Several options were proposed to the moderation team exploring ways to handle gun threads as the status quo was not working. Eventually a choice had to be made so in one of these degenerating threads the following was posted
This is in General Gear Talk. If you are not interested in the discussion about handguns as gear, don't post to this thread. Those of you that continue to hijack these threads are going to start spending time in the penalty box. There are places along the AT where it is legal to carry so it is a legitimate conversation and not every thread has to degenerate into pro and anti arguments.People do have a right to carry, those that disagree with that do not have the right to kill every thread that comes up about it. Given that this was a tough pill to swallow for many, I did not think that the thread Jester started was helping any, because in essence it was mocking peopleís strongly held opinions on their right to carry at a moment when tensions were running high. The thread was taken down, not based on dislike, nor whim, but rather TOS #2. It is simply not true that is was based on whim. He was not banned, he was not placed in time out, the only thing said to him was that the thread was not helping. That was it.

Jester's last post is there above as quoted by Skids. It was originally taken down per TOS #3 as the thread it was referring to was removed.