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03-27-2011, 17:58
Hi all,

New to the forums.Long time avid hiker and backpacker.Looking to do an overnighter on the Appalachian trail on the way to Bear mountain in CT.

Researching online I found there are designated sites on Paradise lane a bit after the trail head to bear mountain.Though there is no specific info on the sites etc.

Perhaps someone can be kind enough to give some information
Are there any permits required?
Bear containers?
Are there any nice camp/bivy spots towards the summit of Bear mountain?
I will be bringing a backpacking stove as I read camp fires are not permitted in CT.

Thank you in advance,

03-29-2011, 16:35
There is a group camping site on the Paradise Lane...I don't know much about it. I typically go up the Undermountain trail (same trailhead your talking about) until you hit the AT....take a right and 1 mile will get you to Bear Mt. summit, take a left and 1 mile will take you to the Brassie Brook Lean-to. It's a good shelter with a picnic table, a bear box, and plenty of room for tenting if you choose. You don't need a permit for the shelter...and you're right, fires are prohibited in Ct.

03-29-2011, 16:48
I think the Riga shelter area is pretty nice and great view, just S of Bear Mt. on the AT

03-29-2011, 17:54
Sages Ravine would be a gorgeous place to camp and I believe it's allowed. The descent down Bear Mountain to Sages can be difficult but if you have the time, the camping in Sages IMO is worth it.

03-29-2011, 21:31
riga is probably the prettiest, and sages is also pretty with anice tent platform. Riga has a leanto that just offers beutiful sunrise and sunset shots. Oh yaeh there is bear boxes also, enjoy and pack warm.