View Full Version : N. Ga Geography Lesson

03-27-2011, 20:41
I've found in discussions with hikers that some are not clear on the relative position of Helen and Hiawassee with regards to the AT.

Consider a pyramid. Hiawassee is the apex, the AT between Unicoi and Dicks Creek is the base (16.5 miles), and the roads from each gap to Hiawassee make up the sides (approximately 10 miles each). Helen is the other side of Unicoi Gap an additional 10 miles. Neither town is ON the AT. Each town requires a hitch or a shuttle.

Additionally, while Unicoi Gap usually has good cell phone reception, you'll be hard pressed to find a signal from Dicks Creek Gap. If calling for a shuttle from Dicks Creek, do so as you make your final descent. There's a green bench and a post alongside the trail about 10-15 minutes before the gap. Call from there.