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Camping Dave
03-28-2011, 22:00
Posts about cold night with chilly toes abound. Oddly enough, I'm colder during the day but sleep more comfortably during the winter than my backpacking mates so I'd like to share my setup and a "secret technique" that really makes a big difference.

Pad: Very important. Down to the mid 20's, a 1.5" thermarest prolite or, more recently, a 2.5" Exped Synmat UL. If it gets colder, bring a cheap ccf pad an put it on top of your inflatable.

Bag: WM Badger. Awesome bag. Rated at 15 degrees, but has kept me comfortable down to -5F in a 3 season tent.

Bag Liner: cheap silk liner from Campmor. Really, really helps.

Clothes: None. No socks. No thermals. No hoodies.

Exception to the no clothes rule: Stocking cap. Mostly so I can pull it down and keep the tip of my nose warm in the middle of the night.

"Secret Technique": Take an old ccf pad, cut it into pieces about 12" wide. Strap 2 or 3 to the outside of your pack. Sit on them during the day (nice, huh? it astonishes me that more people don't do this.) At night, stick them inside your bag liner. Put one down by your feet so they stay warm even if you crush the insulation in your bag by pressing into the tent or whatever. Put the others wherever a cold spot develops. One behind your butt and one on your shoulder for example. Wherever it's needed.

I'm always the warmest guy in my group, even warmer than those with more chub, and jammies, and socks, and hats and gloves, and down booties, etc.

Nekkid, bag liner, pads in bag liner. It works.

03-28-2011, 23:20
For me light bag, Thermarest Prolite, start with down booties, progress to fleece hat, gloves, top an bottom. If it really gets cold include Precip top and bottom. I can lay out on the ground in the Precip and fleece and sleep in freezing weather. Depends on how tired you are.