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03-30-2011, 20:13
i sold my truck tonight. :) that was the last thing standing between me and the AT. now i've got roughly two weeks-ish so i can put in my two weeks' notice and then haul all my stuff back to mississippi to keep it at my mama's house.

i'm kind of in shock. i'm really thru-hiking this year? =D

03-30-2011, 20:16
Congrat's stoneflee..catch ya on the trail...Good Luck

03-30-2011, 22:10
Nice! gratz

the judge
03-30-2011, 22:12
ya know, two weeks notice is just a term, you can give them just about any notice to hire another employee, but two weeks is deemed to be adequate time to train a monkey to do your job.

Joey C
03-30-2011, 22:18
Congrats! Time moves fast. The next 2 weeks will go by, believe it or not! Then you'll be hiking! (and thinking dang, where's my truck) J/K!!!

03-30-2011, 22:19
best of luck glad evrything fell into place... happy trails :)

03-30-2011, 22:27
I'm envious! Have a blast out there and be safe.

03-30-2011, 22:37
Warnings have been poster along the AT


Mr Boston
03-30-2011, 23:02
Good luck! I bet you'll catch up to me at some point.

03-30-2011, 23:28
Good luck and enjoy the stroll.....

03-31-2011, 01:05
See my signature. I did my thru last year, and can't stop thinking about the AT. I am leaving college at the end of April, and doing springer-HF and back, after that, who knows? I am getting rid of everything I own besides backpacking gear, gonna drive my car down to Dalton, the last thing I own, have it crushed for scrap, and literally everything I own will be in my pack. I will give my comp to a friend. I might see you on the trail.

03-31-2011, 07:04
Go!! Have fun!! Enjoy yourself, the rest of will catch up when we can. Hope you have a wonderful journey.:jump

03-31-2011, 08:23
My car is in the process of being sold and I am on my 4 week notice now. I plan on leaving on Good Friday. Be safe and maybe I'll catch you.


03-31-2011, 16:47
Congrats! See you on the trail I'm sure, I will be starting around then :) (April 15th fist day of hiking.)

03-31-2011, 17:03
Congrats! I might see you out there then. I leave in about a week. Sold my car two days ago and I think I'm finally squared away on the equipment front. Just have to wait now...and wait...and wait. Come on already!!

Buffalo Skipper
03-31-2011, 17:22
You need to update your profile details from "Year of thru-hike: 2011?" to
"Year of thru-hike: 2011!";)

Congrats and good luck.

04-02-2011, 22:10
I know the feeling, sold my car last month, have been borrowing my moms car to get back and forth from work. And I have only a few days left before I'm in Atlanta.

Everything I own is in storage and everyone thinks I'm crazy to take time off to thru hike.

Seems a lot of people are the same kind of crazy.

Good luck, have fun.

04-02-2011, 22:39
thanks y'all! i'm so excited. :) i can't wait to get the heck outta here and hike, hike, hike all the way to maine.

04-02-2011, 22:52
Love to see you make it No trail name yet? give me a aka @ Birch Run PA if you could so I can cheer you on.