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04-01-2011, 15:13
Hey all just arived in atlanta or as some frienda call it hotlanta. I will start on the a,t, on sunday. I have been encourage to start a thread of my trip so people can know when I update my blog, trail journal, and a video diary someone from the hammock forum is editing for me. Well will update in the next couple days the web locations for all these formats.
Well till later

04-01-2011, 15:44
oh Hotlanta, I was once couch surfing there and saw someone get their car window shot out walking to a friends place from a concert... crazy

Have a great hike!! I hope to be hot on your heels in a few weeks... :banana

04-01-2011, 15:48
Good luck! I'll be up there to begin my own thru on Thursday.