View Full Version : NOBOs Need Your Warm Thoughts

ed bell
01-17-2005, 20:11
After a good run of unseasonably warm weather down here in the S.E., the weather has turned COOOOLD. Last night on Mt. LeConte (6 miles from Icewater Springs Shelter) it was -9F. Winds have been tough as well. Tonight may be even colder. I'll be thinking warm thoughts for those on the trail. Hopefully they stay warm. These temps are on the cold side for these parts, but nothing compared to -54F in Embarass Minn.

Rain Man
01-17-2005, 22:55
Wife and I met friends in Townsend last night. Today after breakfast, she and I bought some likely hiker suppies at Dollar General and some sandwiches at Subway and drove up to Newfound Gap. It was a clear, sunny, BREEZY day. Outside temps (according to the car thermometer started at 26 around 1:00 and went down to 18 around 4:00.

Never did see a thru-hiker. Saw a weekender who thru-hiked in 2001. Jebediah. He said wind chill on LeConte last night was minus 20. Also saw two or three hikers who had been to LeConte.

We ate the Subway sandwiches on the way back to Nashville this evening!
Rain Man