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Krispy Kreme
11-27-2002, 12:34
I will be heading nothbound from Damascus around 3/13/03.
I know I can get to Roanoke or Bristol, TN, by bus but could use a ride to Damacus from there. If you have a suggestion or offer, please let me know.

Lone Wolf
11-27-2002, 12:40
There is a Greyhound station in Abingdon, Va. which is 13 miles from Damascus. I live in Damascus and could pick you up. E-mail me or leave a private message when March gets closer.

Jack Tarlin
11-27-2002, 13:28
If you can't get to Abingdon, or if you can't reach L.Wolf, you should try Miss Janet, who runs a great hostel in nearby Erwin and is not far from Bristol. Call her at 423-743-1932, or go to www.geocities.com/missjanetshouse/ Give her plenty of notice as this will be a very busy time for her; I visited her on 3/30 last year, and her place was FULL of hikers; however, if she can help you with a shuttle, she'll find a way to make the time.

Krispy Kreme
11-28-2002, 00:13
Lone Wolf, I probably walk right by your house on Oct. 23 rd as I did the southbound section to Hot Springs. Got there on Halloween night.
I didn't realize Greyhound stopped in Abingdon until today when I went to their web site & from your response. I'm sure I can hitch hike the 13 miles to Damascus if we can't connect.
The downside is the 20+ hour bus ride from Chi-town.
Thanks for the offer.

SGT Rock
12-01-2002, 20:35
While were on the subject, Lone Wolf, you know of anyone that would shuttle either from Hot Springs to Damascus, or from Damascus to Hot Springs?

I was originally thinking about hiking up north nest summer, but it looks like too much travel time and money, so I'm thinking about doing the Hot Springs - Damascus section in two weeks next summer. Drive to Hot Springs and shuttle to Damascus then hike south, or the other way around. Either way, park, then shuttle, then hike back to the car.

Lone Wolf
12-01-2002, 21:04
Depending on exactly when you want a ride, I or my girlfriend could do it. Otherwise Bluff Mtn Outfitters in Hot Springs does shuttles and Mt. Rogers Outfitters in Damascus does them as well. Both charge about $1.oo per mile. I'll let you pay for gas and coffee. Let me know when you want to go and we'll go from there.

SGT Rock
12-01-2002, 21:29
You mean I couldn't pay you in beer and gas instead? Well I guess I could pay for gas and would be gratefull if you would let me buy you some food too. I'll throw in a case of PBR as a bonus.

I'm thinking about the end of June.

Lone Wolf
12-02-2002, 10:45
Chances are damn good I'll be around the end of June. Most likely I'll be on the local golf course here in Damascus. I'm friends with both outfitters but they are businesses and I can save you a lot of cash.

SGT Rock
12-02-2002, 13:03
You da man!

12-25-2002, 17:38
Hi K.K.
I live a bit farther than L.W......but if you'll IM or E-Mail me prior to your hike I'm sure I can give you a hitch!!
Would love to hitch a ride but such is life!!!! ~S~