View Full Version : Starting the A.T. April 4th

04-02-2011, 22:52
This will be my 5th year in a row hiking the A.T. After my 1st A.T. hike I moved to Damascus and have been so thankful that I picked such a great place to live. 1st year I just wanted to find a small town to move to, so I only hiked to SNP. 2nd year I started from Damascus and had to stop in Dalton Mass for health reasons. 3rd year I was in the best shape ever and blew out my knee on Standing Indian Mt. Last year I went from Springer to Hanover NH and had to come home for reasons out of my control.
So this year Im just gonna hike, when asked if Im thru hiking Ill say yes but if I get to know you Ill say " ask me again in September".
my trail name is 7

Mr Boston
04-02-2011, 23:18
Good luck 7! I'm starting Tuesday also.

Mountain Mike
04-02-2011, 23:51
Hope to be out there within a week. AT NOBO to Davenport Gap & SOBO back to Springer on BMT. Good Luck