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04-04-2011, 12:21
I live in Harpers Ferry. Just wanted to give some updates on what has closed and opened.

Closed -
The Pub - a local bar and grill closed in the Fall, this was a place to get a break, play pool, drink a beer and get some bar food. Too bad it closed.

King's Pizza - It was only a few blocks from the ATC, but closed last week. This was a place to get a LARGE pizza at a good price and was super close to ATC.

There was a General Store that also closed which was down by the post office where people use to re-supply. It closed in the Fall as well.

Open -
Teahorse Hostel - It's located at 1312 Washington St., a half mile west of the ATC which is also on Washington St. Phone number is 304-535-6848.
Canal House Cafe - Is a really nice cafe, with great sandwiches, ice cream, awesome HypnoCoffee and weekend dinners. It is on the way to Teahorse Hostel.


04-04-2011, 13:30
WOW! I went through that section last year. Really hate to hear about the closings. I always like to try and support local businesses when possible.

04-04-2011, 13:47
It is great of you to report these changes.

There is nothing better than updates from locals regarding their town services.

Rick Hancock
04-16-2011, 22:55
Wow, that's a tough break, there were only a handful of places to start with. Kings did have good pizza,there use to be a place a block or 2 up the hill from the main drag that had pretty good sandwiches can't remember the name. We ate at the Anvil once, had to take a second mortgage! Little eating places do tend to spring up every couple of years, Hilltop House had an AYCE but I think their still closed for a renovation?

04-17-2011, 21:47
I was in HF last Tuesday, coming up from DC on the C&O, intending to hook south on the AT until I got a stomach bug. I was going to stay at a $42/night "primitive" tent site at the KOA until I pulled out my AT guide and saw the Town's Inn on High St., 1/2 a block up from the armory ruins and old firehouse. Got a bunk and hot shower for $30; their private rooms are in the B&B price range. The place isn't big, but the owners are very nice. Their number is 304-702-1872. There isn't any breakfast in town; a coffee shop opens at 1100.

Lunchbox was one of the other hikers there. I think he started from Springer in February, and he and one other guy are the leading edge of the NOBOs, as far as he knows. He rode the train with me back to DC, to see his folks. I hope he remembers to eat. His beard was the only thing about him that was robust.

Don't know about other places, but business is bad in Central/Western Maryland and the WV Panhandle. I can imagine that towns in VA are in the same predicament. HF has always been a big tourist attraction and weekend getaway for folks around DC. If it's bad close to where they keep all the cash (Congress and the Treasury), then something is seriously wrong.