View Full Version : Good 3 to 4 Day Loop Hike in Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks?

Cool Hands
04-05-2011, 20:38
I'm trying to find a place to take a little backpack, and to try out going it alone with some new gear and to test out my daily mileage, and I'm looking to do a scenic loop when I'll have some time off around the 22nd of April where the leaves will also already be out and that I can reach without much driving. I'm pretty sure the Catskills will be too high, the Taconics and Berkshires too far north for the onset of spring -- but down there it should be nicely just underway and beautiful.

So, any suggestions? Links, descriptions; I'm ordering a trail map soon so I'll be able to see for myself, too.

Feral Bill
04-05-2011, 21:05
Get the NYNJTC Harriman-Bear Mountain map set. If you're driving, plan a loop. starting at Bear Mountain. Other wise, any of several bus and/or train stops. There are endless possibilities. I like Island Pond, Claudius Smiths Den, and West Mountain in particular, but you can hardly go wrong.

04-05-2011, 21:11
you can also park overnight @ the elk pen and silvermine lake parking lots.

04-05-2011, 21:20
If you're taking the train, go to the Tuxedo station... there's a blue blaze right from there into the park. Plenty of loop options from there.

04-06-2011, 00:47
Get the NYNJTC Harriman-Bear Mountain map set.

I stared at mine for at least an hour this weekend. Really well put together maps and plenty of trails to pick from.

04-06-2011, 22:29
I would do this...

Start / End: Ramapo Dunderberg Trail / Timp Torne Trail, Jones Point Trailhead, Route 9W parking area

Hike the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail south (white/red dot blazes), about 18-20 miles to nearly the end, and pick up the Tuxedo Mount Ivy trail (white/red hash blaze), hike this trail across the bottom of the park to the other side, about 6-8 miles, picking up the Suffern Bear Mountain Trail (yellow blaze). Hike this trail north about 10-12 miles until you reach the Timp Torne Trail (aqua blazes) on West Mountain, follow this trail back out (5-7 miles) to the same place you started, Jones Point, Route 9W. Drive north on Route 9W for 3-4 mins, stop at Cove Deli, get a giant sub and go nuts!

04-06-2011, 22:31
Keep in mind that it's illegal to camp anywhere in Harriman State Park outside of the shelter areas...but I lived there for many years and ignored this rule, only had a problem once, and it was just a warning.

Technically then 'can' ticket you, but I really would not worry about it, just need to be aware of it.