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04-09-2011, 19:28
I had to get off the trail because of extreme vertigo. I thought at the time I was having a stroke. I literally couldn't stand upright for a day and night. If a trail caretaker hadn't come by with water I would still be there. I found out later that I was dehydrated and the "rocks" in my middle ear were stuck. Sitting here at the computer I still get brief spins from time to time. I only wet my whistle while hiking and my body paid the price. Two or three liters a day is what I needed. Drink heavily or else!

04-10-2011, 13:23
Came off the trail last monday after a long weekend hike. The last day on the trail was unseasonably warm and very sunny. That plus no leaf coverage on the trees did me in. Even though I thought I drank enough, got nauseus, headache, and some severe muscle cramps. Ender up very sunburned. :)

04-10-2011, 13:35
I actually lost a frequency on my thru hike. I noticed that I could no longer hear my runner's watch alarming. I just thought the battery was getting weak. A trip to the doctor after I returned home revealed hearing loss. He attributed it to a probable long term effect of dehydration.


Mountain Wildman
04-10-2011, 14:01
Yup, Learned my lesson putting in 12 hour days on a jobsite, I had to force myself to drink water even if I wasn't thirsty, Especially on cooler days when you don't realize you are dehydrating. On hot exerting days we should drink a gallon a day or more.
I drink 3 liters or more on any day now.