View Full Version : The Barkley - maybe the toughest trail race

John B
04-11-2011, 10:00
Great article with videos, written by Charlie Engle (among some of his accomplishments, he ran across the Sahara), of what some would say is the world's toughest trail race -- the Barkley 100, which is really closer to 130 miles -- run in early March in Frozen Head St. Park, TN.

Since its inception, over 800 people have entered, only 9 have finished. In 2010, only one runner finished.

The race consists of five loops, each having approx. 11,000 ft. in elevation gains. One section has a 2,000' gain a mile. The loops are not marked. GPS is not allowed nor are cell phones to call mom or wifey. You have 60 hours to complete the race. No aid stations. No medical staff. No medals given. There are two places where water is provided. The entry fee in 2010 was $1.60. No webpage.


04-15-2011, 11:52
WOW, that's extremely intense! 60 hours to go 130 miles? Pshhhhh count me out!